Manuals - biological chemistry

    1. Calendar plans of lectures

  • The calendar schedule of lectures (ON THE V (AUTUMN) SEMESTER) (download)

    2. Calendar plans of practical lessons

  • The calendar schedule of laboratory lessons (ON THE V (AUTUMN) SEMESTER) (download)

    3. Thematic Plan of Individual Students work

  • The theme schedule of independent work ("Pharmacy") (download)

    4. Methodological course of practical lessons

  • Methodical recomendations. Part 1 (download)
  • Methodical recomendations. Part 2 (download)

    8. Manuals. Textbooks

  • Mardashko O.O.,Yasinenko N.Y. Biochemistry. – Odessa, 2003 (download)
  • [MN Chatterjea]Textbook of Medical Biochemistry (8th Ed.) / JAYPEE BROTHERS MEDICAL PUBLISHERS (P) LTD, 2012.- 876 p.
  • A. Lehninger " Principles of biochemistry", 4-th Edition.-- W. H. Freeman and Company. –, 2009.- 1119 p.
  • M.D. Rosental, R.H. Glew “Medical biochemistry. Human metabolism in Health and Disease” Wiley, 2009.- 426 p.
  • Dr.U, Satyanarayana - Biochemistry; Arunabha Sen BOOKS AND ALLIED (P) Lro.8/1 Chintamoni Das Lane, Kolkata 700009.
  • Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, Twenty-Sixth Edition. Previous editions copyright © 2000, 1996, 1993, 1990 by Appleton & Lange; copyright © 1988 by Lange Medical Publications.
    Lecture materials
  • Biochemical indices of water-mineral metabolism (download)
  • Biochemical investigations in the diagnostics of cardiovascular disorders (download)
  • Biochemical methods of diagnostics (download)
  • Circulating tumor markers (download)
  • Clinical enzymology (download)
  • Clinical Laboratory diagnostics of pathological processess in lungs (download)
  • Clinical Laboratory diagnostics of liver pathology (download)
  • Hereditary matabolic diseases (download)
  • Laboratory indices in the diagnostics of kidney diseases (download)
  • The basis of hematological diagnostics (download)